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A dictionary of Lo-Toga   (Torres, Vanuatu)

shotWelcome to the 2020 online version of my Lo-Toga – English – French dictionary!  Click here to access it.

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Lo-Toga is an Oceanic language spoken in the southern islands of the Torres group (Lo, Toga) – in the northern part of the Vanuatu archipelago. It is close, both geographically and linguistically, to its neighbour Hiw (see also my papers, espec. 2010b, 2011c, 2014b, 2015b, 2017b). Minor differences exist between the two dialects of Lo and Toga. I collected the data presented here during various field trips, between 2004 and 2007.

Started in 2007, this Lo-Toga dictionary is still very much in progress, due to the various projects I am committed to regarding the various languages of northern Vanuatu. While a few entries are already reasonably detailed (e.g. gel ‘stay’), most entries still need to be written. With only 240 entries written at this point, this dictionary only contains a portion – perhaps 10 percent – of the vocabulary I have collected in Lo-Toga. Feel free to contact me for any follow-up question regarding this dictionary.

I am grateful to LabEx EFL for their support in 2016 and 2017; and particularly to the two IT engineers who helped me for this project: Céline Buret and Benjamin Galliot. They wrote the Python code (respectively Pylmflib and Lexika) that allowed me to convert my dictionary from the Toolbox format to an XML file. Clément Plancq (Lattice-CNRS) wrote the script for the search engine. I personally worked on all segments of the chain: Lex, Python, Xml, Xslt, Js, Css, Html.

Alex François — Paris, April 2019