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f/c b Verbal number in Lo-Toga and Hiw:  An emergent paradigm in the lexicon. In Frans Plank & Nigel Vincent (eds), The life-cycle of suppletion. Special issue of Transactions of the Philological Society. Hiw, Lo-Toga
f/c a Olfactory words in northern Vanuatu: Langue vs. parole, in Łukasz Jedrzejowski & Przemysław Staniewski (eds), The Linguistics of Olfaction. (Typological Studies in Language.) Amsterdam: Benjamins. all 17 Torres-Banks lgs

[Siva Kalyan & Alexandre François] JHL pdf When the waves meet the trees: A response to Jacques & List. In Siva Kalyan, Alexandre François & Harald Hammarström (eds), Understanding language genealogy: Alternatives to the tree model. Special issue of Journal of Historical Linguistics 9/1: 167–176.


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[Siva Kalyan, Alexandre François & Harald Hammarström] pdf Problems with, and alternatives to, the tree model in historical linguistics. In Siva Kalyan, Alexandre François & Harald Hammarström (eds), Understanding language genealogy: Alternatives to the tree model. Special issue of Journal of Historical Linguistics 9/1: 1–8.


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pdf A proposal for conversational questionnaires LDC. In Aimée Lahaussois & Marine Vuillermet (eds.), Methodological Tools for Linguistic Description and Typology. Special issue of Language Documentation & Conservation 16, 155-196.


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pdf In search of island treasures: Language documentation in the Pacific. LDCIn Bradley McDonnell, Andrea Berez-Kroeker & Gary Holton (eds.), Reflections on Language Documentation 20 years after Himmelmann 1998. Special issue of Language Documentation & Conservation 15, 276–294.


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Pacific languages
2018a senri(Siva Kalyan & Alex François) pdf Freeing the Comparative Method from the tree model: A framework for Historical Glottometry. In Ritsuko Kikusawa & Lawrence Reid (eds), Let's talk about trees: Genetic Relationships of Languages and Their Phylogenic Representation (Senri Ethnological Studies, 98). Ōsaka: National Museum of Ethnology. 59–89.
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2017b etympdf Méthode comparative et chaînages linguistiques : Pour un modèle diffusionniste en généalogie des langues. In Jean-Léo Léonard (ed.), Diffusion : implantation, affinités, convergence. Mémoires de la Société de Linguistique de Paris, XXIV, 43–82. Louvain : Peeters.
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wordpdf The economy of word classes in Hiw, Vanuatu: Grammatically flexible, lexically rigid. In Eva van Lier (ed.), Lexical Flexibility in Oceanic Languages. Special issue of Studies in Language. 41 (2): 294–357.


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Hiw, Tahitian, general

Bonnet, Rémy ; Logo_JLC2017Céline Buret, Alexandre François, Benjamin Galliot, Séverine Guillaume, Guillaume Jacques, Aimée Lahaussois, Boyd Michailovsky, Alexis Michaud. 2017. pdf Vers des ressources électroniques interconnectées : Lexica, les dictionnaires de la collection Pangloss. Actes des 9èmes Journées Internationales de la Linguistique de corpus, Jul 2017, Grenoble, France. 48–51.


general – about LaCiTO's Lexica project

etympdf The historical morphology of personal pronouns in northern Vanuatu. In Konstantin Pozdniakov (ed.), Comparatisme et reconstruction : tendances actuelles. Faits de Langues. Bern: Peter Lang. 25–60.

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all 17 Torres-Banks lgs

dia[A. François; M. Franjieh; S. Lacrampe & S. Schnell] pdf The exceptional linguistic density of Vanuatu. In The Languages of Vanuatu: Unity and Diversity, ed. by A. François, S. Lacrampe, M. Franjieh & S. Schnell. Studies in the Languages of Island Melanesia, 5. Canberra: Asia Pacific Linguistics Open Access. Pp. 1–21.


Vanuatu languages




spacepdf The ins and outs of up and down: Disentangling the nine geocentric space systems of Torres and Banks languages. In The Languages of Vanuatu: Unity and Diversity, ed. by A. François, S. Lacrampe, M. Franjieh & S. Schnell. Studies in the Languages of Island Melanesia, 5. Canberra: Asia Pacific Linguistics Open Access. Pp. 137-195.


all 17 Torres-Banks lgs

etympdf Temperature terms in northern Vanuatu. In Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm (ed.). The Linguistics of Temperature. Amsterdam, New York: John Benjamins. Pp.832-857.


all 17 Torres-Banks lgs

dia[Harold Koch, Robert Mailhammer, Robert Blust, Claire Bowern, Don Daniels, Alexandre François, Simon Greenhill, Brian Joseph, Lawrence Reid, Malcolm Ross & Paul Sidwell] pdf Research priorities in historical-comparative linguistics: A view from Asia, Australia and the Pacific. Diachronica, 31: 2, 267–278. 


Pacific languages

etym pdf Trees, Waves and Linkages: Models of Language Diversification. In Claire Bowern & Bethwyn Evans (eds), The Routledge Handbook of Historical Linguistics. New York: Routledge, 161-189. (ISBN 978-0415527897)



etym[Boyd Michailovsky, Martine Mazaudon, Alexis Michaud, Séverine Guillaume, Alexandre François & Evangelia Adamou] pdf Documenting and Researching Endangered Languages: The Pangloss Collection. Language Documentation & Conservation 8 (2014), 119-135.


about the Pangloss Collection

IJSL(with Maïa Ponsonnet) pdf Descriptive linguistics. In Jon R. McGee and Richard L. Warms (ed.), Theory in Social and Cultural Anthropology: An Encyclopedia, vol.1, 184-187. SAGE.



etympdf Shadows of bygone lives: The histories of spiritual words in northern Vanuatu. In Robert Mailhammer (ed.). Lexical and structural etymology: Beyond word histories. Studies in Language Change, 11. Berlin: DeGruyter Mouton. Pp.185-244.


all 17 Torres-Banks lgs

etympdf Ditransitive alignment and referential hierarchies in Araki. In Eva van Lier (ed), Referential Hierarchies in Three-participant Constructions. Special issue of Linguistic Discovery, 10: 3 (Nov 2012).


2012a IJSLpdf The dynamics of linguistic diversity: Egalitarian multilingualism and power imbalance among northern Vanuatu languages. In P. Unseth & L. Landweer (eds), Language Use in Melanesia. International Journal of the Sociology of Language. 214, 85–110.


all 17 Torres-Banks lgs
2011c jhl pdf Social ecology and language history in the northern Vanuatu linkage: A tale of divergence and convergence. Journal of Historical Linguistics 1 (2). 175-246.


all 17 Torres-Banks lgs

OLpdf Where *R they all? The history and geography of *R loss in Southern Oceanic. Oceanic Linguistics 50 (1), June 2011, 142-199.


all 17 Torres-Banks lgs + other Vanuatu lgs; Vanikoro lgs; Kanak lgs

puf Le mwotlap. In Emilio Bonvini, Joëlle Busuttil & Alain Peyraube (eds), Dictionnaire des Langues. Quadrige. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. Pp.1247-1253.

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Phon pdf  Phonotactics and the prestopped velar lateral in Hiw: Resolving the ambiguity of a complex segment. Phonology 27 (3): 393-434.


Hiw; Dorig

Bril pdf  Pragmatic demotion and clause dependency: On two atypical subordinating strategies in Lo-Toga and Hiw (Torres, Vanuatu). In Isabelle Bril (ed.), Clause Linking and Clause Hierarchy: Syntax and pragmatics. Amsterdam, New York: Benjamins. Pp.499-548.


Lo-Toga; Hiw

Ross pdf Des valeurs en héritage: Les isomorphismes sémantiques et la reconstruction des langues. In Injoo Choi-Jonin, Marc Duval & Olivier Soutet (eds), Typologie et comparatisme. Orbis-Supplementa 29. Louvain: Peeters. Pp.129-145.

all 17 Torres-Banks lgs

Ross pdf The languages of Vanikoro: Three lexicons and one grammar. In Bethwyn Evans (ed). Discovering history through language: Papers in honour of Malcolm Ross. Pacific Linguistics 605. Canberra: Australian National University. Pp.103-126.


Teanu (Buma); Lovono (Vano); Tanema

Blustpdf Verbal aspect and personal pronouns: The history of aorist markers in north Vanuatu. In Andrew Pawley & Alexander Adelaar (eds). Austronesian historical linguistics and culture history: A festschrift for Bob Blust. Pacific Linguistics 601. Canberra: Australian National University. Pp.179-195.

all 17 Torres-Banks lgs

Vanhove pdf  Semantic maps and the typology of colexification: Intertwining polysemous networks across languages. In Martine Vanhove (ed.). From Polysemy to Semantic change: Towards a Typology of Lexical Semantic Associations. Studies in Language Companion Series, 106. Amsterdam, New York: Benjamins. Pp.163-215.


examples from Sanskrit; Greek; Latin; Russian; Arabic; Mandarin; Mwotlap; Nêlêmwa…

Crowleypdf Noun articles in Torres and Banks languages: Conservation and innovation. In Jeff Siegel, John Lynch and Diana Eades (eds), Language Description, History and Development: Linguistic indulgence in memory of Terry Crowley. Creole Language Library 30. Amsterdam, New York: Benjamins. Pp.313-326.


all 17 Torres-Banks lgs

Dixpdf  Serial verb constructions in Mwotlap. In R.M.W. Dixon & Alexandra Aikhenvald (eds), Serial Verb Constructions: A cross-linguistic typology, Explorations in Linguistic Typology. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Pp.223-238.




pdf Unraveling the history of the vowels of seventeen northern Vanuatu languages. Oceanic Linguistics 44 (2): 443-504. Dec 2005. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press.


all 17 Torres-Banks lgs

LTpdf A typological overview of Mwotlap. Linguistic Typology 9-1: 115-146.



OLpdf Diversité des prédicats non verbaux dans quelques langues océaniennes. In Jacques François et Irmtraud Behr, Les constituants prédicatifs et la diversité des langues: Actes de la Journée de la Société de Linguistique de Paris. Mémoires de la Société de Linguistique de Paris. Louvain: Peeters. Pp. 179-197.

Paama, Wallisian, Futunan, Xârâcùù

OL pdf Reconstructing the geocentric system of Proto Oceanic. Oceanic Linguistics 43 (1), 1-32. June 2004.


Taba; Saliba; Yabêm; Kokota; Longgu; Kwaio; Nemi; Xârâcùù; Iaai; Anejom̃ ; Ambae; Mwotlap; Pohnpeian; Samoan; Marquesan

OzRpdf Chains of freedom: Constraints and creativity in the macro-verb strategies of Mwotlap. In I. Bril et F. Ozanne-Rivierre (eds), Complex predicates in Oceanic languages: Studies in the dynamics of binding and boundness. Empirical Approaches to Language Typology. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Pp. 107-143.



OLpdf La réduplication en mwotlap : les paradoxes du fractionnement. In É. Zeitoun (ed.), Les langues austronésiennes. Faits de langues n°24: 177–194.


OL pdf Of men, hills and winds: Space directionals in Mwotlap. Oceanic Linguistics 42 (2): 407-437. Dec 2003. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press.



OzR Gabarit de procès et opérations aspectuelles en motlav (Océanie). Actances (Papers of the RIVALDI research group) 11, 145-175.


OL Dérivation lexicale et variations d'actance: petits arrangements avec la syntaxe. Bulletin de la Société de Linguistique, vol. XCV: 1, 15-42.



 Vowel shifting and cloning in Motlav: historical explanation vs. formal description. In Marian Klamer (ed.), Proceedings of AFLA 7 (The Seventh Meeting of Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association). Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: Amsterdam. Pp.49-68.


fdl14pdf L'illusion des classificateurs. In La catégorisation dans les langues. Faits de Langues 14: 165-175.



OL Mouvements et clonages de voyelles en motlav: entre phonologie et morphologie. Bulletin de la Société de Linguistique, vol. XCIV: 1, 437-486.



 Ben en français oral, l’énonciateur (dés)engagé. In Bernard Caron (ed.), Proceedings of the XVIth International Congress of Linguists. Pergamon: Oxford. 24 pages [CD-Rom].

Colloquial French




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